Casino slots games – customer bonuses

There is currently no live chat in the Casino, but there is a callback service, so that customers do not have to pay expensive telephone charges to speak with the customer service. Nevertheless, we would prefer a live chat, not least because the contact would be immediately possible. When calling back, there is always a certain waiting time. A viable alternative is the e-mail service, which usually responds within 48 hours. In any case, it is also positive that there is a very large help area in which many questions on important topics are answered in detail. We therefore recommend that you first look in the Help section for questions as to whether the answer has not been filed long ago.

For this review we have tested the complete offer in detail. We paid particular attention to whether the design is functional and attractive. Overall, we are very fond of Casino, though many graphic solutions may be a bit too playful. But what matters to us is that functionality is always the focus. The speed of the website is excellent. We did not have any problems using the games even on slow computers. This is very important because not every casino fan has a super calculator at home to unlock the Casino Bonus. We also like the clarity of the homepage. Beginners and beginners can orient themselves without effort very easily.

Blackjack, roulette and poker are offered in various variants in the live casino. The selection also includes unusual games like Turkish Roulette and Roulette Dragonara. Unfortunately, the classic baccarat is missing and Casino Hold’em is the only offered poker variant. The offer is well above average in the live section, but there are even better providers. In the test, and noticed very positively that the dealers are first class. Attractiveness is obviously an important factor in selecting dealers, but it is even more important to us that the professional qualification is first rate. Players can easily communicate with dealers through a brisk live chat. This is great fun and helps to create a real live atmosphere. We like the live casino despite the small criticisms very well. With deposits, the lower limit is 10-20 euros at the mobile casino club.

A maximum deposit of 5,000 euros per day is allowed. For most customers, however, these limits should be more than sufficient. The payout ratio is on average, according to the operator at 97 percent. In addition, it is pointed out in the Help section that the payout ratio in the games is hard-coded, ie the operator has no way to adjust the payout ratio to suit your mood. That is absolutely believable. On the one hand, Casino uses recognized software from several manufacturers who work exactly with this method. On the other hand, it is also looked at in the licensing, whether can be tricked at the payout odds. Only if this is not the case, a serious licensing is even possible. Our casino experience suggests that the payout ratio of 97 percent on average is quite realistic.