Tips about how to recognize a horse come to win

Accustomed to the columns of the website¬†quality show horses, the professionals share their tricks to discern the horses that run to place themselves of those who participate in a race only to “heat”.

Did you know that in a race, all the horses do not run to win? In this article, you will have all the keys to understand a parameter that directly impacts your chances of winning. There are two main reasons why a coach hires a horse into a race:

  • To win it
  • To heat the horse

If you bet on a horse coming to heat, you lose your money! In pari-mutuel betting, your bets come to swell the winnings of the clever sailors who have spotted the horses that did not come to make the figuration.

Method to spot true competitors

All horses in a race should be there to win.But look closely at the list of registered and you will see that, often, the same coach has committed two or three horses to make his trip profitable. In the different horses that he brings, there are often those who have come out “for the form”!

The trick is to find the horses of the same stable and then compare different parameters to discern the horses that have come to “give” those who will not be pushed too much.

Make an Excel table of horses by trainer

Start by making an overview of the different commitments by stable in a given meeting.To do this:

  • Open the list of starters for each race, including their characteristics
  • Copy and paste these different lists into an Excel file
  • Sort this table in order of coach, which automatically groups all the horses brought by each coach into the meeting.

Interpreting the data

By looking closely at the results obtained in the races where the coaches in question have registered two horses, obtain valuable information. Why does a coach register multiple horses in one race?

There are 4 main reasons:

  • An exit is expensive. It is necessary to amortize the transport, to provide the personnel; to pay the pilots … The coach thus has interest in making the output profitable by coming with several competitors in a given meeting.
  • Some horses need training in real conditions before attacking the “real” tests later. This is the case of the horse that starts the season.
  • Coming with several horses increases one’s chances of shining in the race.
  • A coach is far more likely it is to come to win. To find out where to train, do a simple search on the web because all coaches have their own site.

Even if the coach has a good idea before the race of the final position of his registrants, surprises are always possible: disqualified favorites, an unexpected form of the horse, or conversely, a lower form of the opponents.

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